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Why IGFACatchLog?

Every angler shares one common goal, which is to fish successfully from a vibrant fishery. The key to higher fishing success and a healthy fishery is authentic, recreational catch data. Now, anglers have the ability to accomplish both with the IGFACatchLog. By using the IGFACatchLog application, a thorough and complete data set will be available for the benefit of anglers and fisheries managers alike.

Higher Fishing Success

Using the IGFACatchLog will give you an insight to your fishing that you have never seen before! Every catch you record with the app will become part of your unique fishing log and will flow to a satellite map located on the website where you can review your catches during various trips. On the website, you have the ability to compare catch rates and see how species compositions change over time and space. You can also create several reports that can answer questions you may have about your personal fishing success. A very exciting component of the app is a visual identification system. Does your catch resemble another fish with similar features? Take a quick photograph and let the IGFACatchLog help you identify your fish! This new and innovative visual identification technology was developed by our partners at Columbia University, who have pioneered similar systems for plants through projects like the LeafSnap app. By using the IGFACatchLog, you will be helping to test and refine this new technology for future use.

IGFACatchLog is easy to use by the average angler like me to improve their day-to-day game. Oh yeah, the visual ID is VERY COOL! - Bradley G Wherry
Healthy Fisheries

Without reliable recreational catch data, it is difficult for fisheries managers to make well-informed decisions that improve our fisheries. For decades, obtaining quality estimates of recreational catches has been a problem. IGFA is currently conducting a pilot study of IGFACatchLog in the marine waters of the Everglades National Park (ENP). Presently, park staff ask anglers to report the broad geographic zone of their catches, but their exact catch locations remain confidential. The app will collect and only report the same information. When an angler records a catch with the app, only the broad geographic zone of each catch will be provided to Everglades National Park and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The purpose of IGFACatchLog is not to change the type of data that is collected, but to collect a more thorough data set from more anglers in real time. By using the IGFACatchLog to create a more complete recreational fishing data set, anglers will help fisheries managers have a better understanding of how resources are being used. With more knowledge, we can work together to ensure healthy, vibrant fisheries for years to come.

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